CAO is a 501c(6) organization formed in 1967.

   Our main function is to hold several continuing-education seminars a year for
   chiropractors.  From the proceeds we have donated  back to the profession to
   support education and research.  In the past few years our seminars have become
   increasingly popular, especially with the recent chiropractic graduates. 


 We have NO dues paying membership.  Any Doctor of Chiropractic that attends one of our continuing education programs is considered a member of the CAO for that year.  The income we receive (typically $165 per doctor per seminar) is considered the seminar registration fee and not a membership fee. 

   The Chiropractic Association of Ohio has no political agenda and no political
   affiliations.  Our mission is to provide quality continuing education for the
   doctor in the field.  We pay no political lobbyist.  We do not contribute to any PAC.

  The CAO is not an affiliate organization of any other organization.

About Us

Continuing Education Seminars


Chiropractic Association of Ohio provides seminars for the purpose of license renewal from leading speakers in our profession.